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Marketing should never be a leap into the unknown. Every step should be calculated. That’s why Gunn Digital aims to start with the end in mind. By focusing on your business objectives, we can work backwards and translate them into an effective multi-channel marketing strategy. Our plans rely on facts and evidence, never assumptions, to deliver the best possible outcome.

Remove complexity

Innovative tech is sometimes complex and difficult to decipher, which can limit marketing effectiveness. Not with us. We know the tech world, because it’s our world: we speak the language, understand sophisticated concepts, and can translate your proposition clearly and concisely to resonate with your audience. By removing complexity, we remove barriers, enabling us to move you forward faster.

Focus on results

Data drives marketing performance. When coupled with creativity, an analytical approach can deliver transformational results. That’s why we specialise in, and focus on, data-driven marketing: activities that are trackable, measurable and repeatable. This enables you to outmanoeuvre your competition and realise your business objectives.

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We deliver digital impact through web, search, socials and integrated campaigns. More importantly, we integrate your digital marketing, measure everything and generate results.

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Like many companies, Gunn Digital was born out of frustration. Our founder couldn’t understand why traditional agencies just didn’t get it. He found that they could not grasp the technical detail, nor the language of the target audience and, therefore, resorted to marketing fluff. His vision was to create an agency that understood the technology sector and, more importantly, how to market their solutions and services.

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